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The government has announced its four-step roadmap out of lockdown, with the plan being to gradually lift restrictions and resume normal life once again. From returning to school, letting grandparents visit their grandchildren and eventually allowing nightclubs to reopen their doors, there is light at the end of the tunnel for Brits.

But what has the impact of lockdown been on the security sector? This guide will provide you with information on the security challenges that businesses have faced since the pandemic took hold and also discuss current innovations such as the thermo screen which will be essential as we emerge from the third lockdown.

Decrease in Domestic Crime Levels

For the domestic sector, there has been a significant reduction in crimes across the UK with a reported 72% fall in burglaries down to 33,000 offences during the pandemic, according to the Office for National Statistics. This is largely due to residents being at home for months on end, having switched to homeworking roles. Being physically present within a property is of course an enormous deterrent for burglars who would prefer to target empty properties where there is much less chance of being caught in the act of a crime.

Surge in ‘Ghost Town’ Crime

With office buildings, retail units and construction sites deserted whilst everyone has been working from home what has the impact of lockdown been on the commercial sector? With urban dwellers heading out to new rural homes and a lack of commuters, many UK cities and towns have turned into ghost towns. For businesses with premises on UK high streets, they have been anxious to keep thieves at bay with the knowledge that criminals are targeting these vacant commercial properties.

Police responded to a surge of break-ins at commercial properties which closed temporarily from March 2020. The Times reports that many UK forces carried out extra night patrols in locations such as Manchester, Liverpool, Hartlepool, Glasgow and Middlesbrough. Venues such as shops, pubs or restaurants were seen as prime targets due to cash or alcohol being held onsite.

However, some towns and cities took matters into their own hands with 200 York businesses receiving extra security patrols and the Business Improvement District also funding security patrols of Bishops Stortford town centre. At a cost of £10,000, this security strategy helped to support the police and protect traders throughout the lockdowns, especially in the run-up to Christmas when businesses were carrying more stock.

Security Measures As We Emerge From Lockdown

As we exit the third lockdown, hopefully for good, businesses should still remain security conscious.

Reopening for business is certainly a positive thing, but it does also mean that criminals who may have had a few ‘dry’ months are ready to take advantage of stock and cash being onsite once again.

For construction sites, raw materials and valuable tools are always an attractive prospect with a 50% surge in construction crime at the start of the pandemic.

Here are some of the most effective ways to secure your premises:

  • CCTV is a necessity across retail, office and construction sites, providing constant surveillance which acts both as a deterrent and a means of identification ‘after the event’.
  • Site patrols allow for regular spot-checks of your site or building and can dissuade criminals from trespassing. Virtual guard systems are also available for remote monitoring of your site during pre-selected hours.
  • Wireless video verification alarms including our scaffold cams can be attached at key points around the site to ensure round-the-clock protection.
  • Thermo screens assist in tackling the latest security threat, namely Covid-19. The virus can quickly spread across working populations and immobilise your business unless you implement a temperature screening solution to detect body fever, a key symptom of the coronavirus.

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