Vandalism Causes Delays and Costs Thousands

Use a construction site alarm to fully secure the perimeter of your project.

The Chartered Institute of Building carried out a study into the extent of crime within the construction industry and the findings are particularly bleak. 91% of construction companies have experienced vandalism before, with 18.8% reporting that it happens on a weekly basis! The cost of vandalism to your site ranges beyond financial figures, as construction site managers also have a responsibility towards all workers who set foot there. A piece of scaffolding that has been tampered with, or equipment that has been left in an unsafe state poses a fatal risk to your employees. Whilst it’s important to have safeguarding processes in place to continuously monitor the safety of your operations, it’s also essential that your entire site is protected from vandalism occurring in the first place.

Securing The Perimeter of Your Site

Establishing a clear boundary for your construction works is an absolute priority to prevent members of the public from inadvertently wandering into an area that is unsafe. But this perimeter will also keep out the criminals – they may range from those looking to steal raw construction materials, to teenagers looking to practice their graffiti, and finally a more sinister type of vandalism where the perpetrators wish to cause harm to those working on the site. All of these criminals and scenarios can be stopped with the use of sophisticated boundary security. An effective construction site security system should make use of multiple security features to entirely secure the perimeter of the site.

Preventative Approach

Along with erecting warning signs to alert people that this is a secured zone, CCTV is a fantastic deterrent to crime, as the threat of being caught on camera is enough of a disincentive not to proceed. But cameras are only truly effective if they’re being monitored in real-time. All too often, CCTV cameras aren’t covering the entire site, or aren’t powered on. This is why construction site owners should opt for wireless video verification alarms to keep the site monitored 24/7.

Full Site Coverage

The video cameras will be positioned so that your entire site is covered, ensuring that all of your valuables and weak points are caught on camera. Any unexpected activity such as a security breach will set off an alarm at a remote monitoring centre. The team of monitors will review the footage to determine if it is a genuine security event, and in positive cases, an approved responder will be dispatched immediately to the site, along with the police. In 90% of incidents, this would occur in under 20 minutes.

The wireless, battery-powered technology used by the alarm ensures that it will remain operational even in the absence of a power source or network connection, so your site will be constantly protected.

Vandalism can cause enormous problems to construction site projects. Aside from the grave risks to your contractors, vandalism can be responsible for delays, loss of reputation and incur thousands of pounds worth of damages which will not always be covered as part of your insurance policy. Take steps to secure your site today!