If your site has been using red diesel up until the April 2022 change in regulations, then you’re not alone. As a heavily-rebated source of fuel, red diesel has previously been popular with users across all industries as a more cost effective option, with the former regulations stating it to be used across any non-road vehicle.

However, as of 1st April 2022 this rule has now changed – limiting the use of red diesel to only those vehicles which are used in the agricultural sector, for railway vehicles, and to power non-commercial heating systems.

For construction sites and operators, the effect of this change is clear – you can no longer use red diesel to power constructive vehicles and machinery, with the switch to white diesel set to double the fuel outlays for any constructive company or business. And that’s not all. Construction security is also likely to be affected, with businesses across the industry being urged to increase their security outlay and theft prevention measures.

In this blog, we’re going to be exploring the implications of this regulation change, the reasons behind it, and how your business can prepare for the pending rise in construction site theft which is anticipated as a result of the rule change.

What is the red diesel ban all about?

In short, the red diesel ban is a movement towards encouraging businesses and individuals to become more sustainable, using greener energy sources and cleaner fuel alternatives. First penned in 2020, this regulation change has been pending for a while, with businesses being encouraged to use up their red diesel fuel before the ban comes into play.

The aim, at least for the government, is for all those businesses who were previously using red diesel to make the switch towards greener alternatives – thus helping to drive forward the UK’s commitment to cleaning up our air. But for businesses in construction, it’s not as simple as that.

With white diesel costing approximately double the price of red diesel, the financial hit to construction sites and businesses is huge. And with a huge rise in cost comes a greater opportunity for theft – with opportunistic criminals seeking and emptying large stores of fuel on construction sites for their own gain.

That’s where optimising your on-site security – with the help of Sicuro and our partner BauWatch – becomes an integral factor in managing this change.

The importance of security in light of the red diesel ban

With the construction industry now banned from using red diesel, the implications for construction sites and businesses are clear.

  1. The cost to fuel and power machinery and vehicles is much higher
  2. The opportunity for sites to become exposed to theft is much higher

For those businesses that haven’t already acted on this regulatory change, the time for investing in the right security is now.

BauWatch offer a range of temporary, versatile, and highly effective site security systems which are installed, managed, and monitored by our team at Sicuro. From overseeing your fuel stores directly, to monitoring the activity, comings and goings on your site, these security options will not only protect your equipment but will prevent the theft of higher value, more highly coveted white diesel.

And that’s not all you need to do. In order to meet the new requirements, sites also need to be able to prove that they are no longer purchasing or using red diesel – with spot checks and fines set to be rife in the early weeks and months following the change in regulation. To make sure that you can prove a shift away from red diesel, it is recommended that you keep any evidence of white diesel purchase over the coming months.

For more information on how we can enhance the security across your sites, no matter their size or location, get in touch today. The time to protect your fuel stores – and your business – is now.