Christmas is one of the longest periods of closure for most construction sites, making it a prime target for thieves and vandals. Have peace of mind during the festive season by following these top tips to maintain full security on your construction site. 

Securing your perimeter 

The first step in preventing an intrusion is to secure the perimeter of your site to make it impenetrable by both vehicles and criminals using a variety of tools to force entry. Concrete barriers are an effective way to prevent any unauthorised access to your site and can also stop fly tipping which can be a real problem during the festive season. 

Tall, robust fencing with clear ‘No Trespassing’ signage and audio sirens are also great at dissuading opportunist thieves and vandals from targeting your site. 

Site security patrols 

Security technology can keep a watchful eye on your site 24/7 but if you prefer to combine this type of security with a physical patrol, then you’ll have added peace of mind. A uniformed patrol team can drive by and inspect your premises at regular intervals which will help in identifying any security breaches such as a broken fence panel or any weather-related maintenance that needs sorting. 

Rapid deployment towers 

As well as being a strong visual deterrent, CCTV surveillance provides full coverage of your site, 365 days a year. To make sure that every inch and dark spot of your site is captured, rapid deployment towers stand up to 6 metres tall with 3 metres of visible housing to span the entire area. These can be set up quickly and securely, and don’t require a power source due to their inbuilt fuel cell and solar power technology. There is no need to worry about the quality of surveillance at night – there is full movement detection 24/7. 

Wireless alarms 

Wireless video verification alarms are one of the most popular and convenient ways to keep a watchful eye over your site. These will be attached to strategic areas of your site including scaffolding, to detect any breach as soon as it occurs. If any incident triggers the cameras, then footage will be sent to the security team at our NSI gold-approved monitoring station who will dispatch trained responders in the event of a genuine intrusion. 

With only weeks to go until the Christmas closure period, now is the time to put your security plan in place. Book a FREE site security assessment with Sicuro on 0800 999 1888 or email today.