The right security system will protect your business, your site, your team and your assets. But with no two identical businesses or projects, it can be challenging to know which security solutions are the best choice. If you’re wondering how to pick your security, then ask yourself the following questions to pinpoint whether wireless security, CCTV surveillance or a tower-based system is appropriate for you. 

Is there a power supply in place?

If you have access to mains power, then a hardwired CCTV security setup could be a great option for you. Don’t panic if power isn’t available though as it often isn’t on temporary construction sites; Sicuro also offers 100% wireless and battery-operated video verification systems for your building site security. If you need coverage of a large area, then rapid deployment towers such as our Sicuro Solar Tower have an extended height of 6 metres. These use a combination of a fuel cell and solar energy to power your security and run for up to 5 months without requiring maintenance. 

Are you using scaffolding? 

If your construction site includes scaffolding, then this could be a major target for trespassers who want to dismantle this valuable raw material and sell it on for a considerable profit. Attaching our wireless video verification scaffolding alarms to your construction will protect this asset as well as safeguarding your teams. 

When do you need security?

When creating a security strategy for your business, consider whether you need 24/7 protection or just for certain hours such as in the evenings, weekends or any other time your site is unoccupied. Our CCTV systems will offer continuous 24/7 recording as required, whereas our wireless alarms operate on a trigger system, sending video footage to our 24/7 remote monitoring station to be reviewed in real time. You might also benefit from using our technical security products in combination with onsite security guards. 

Would you like the reassurance of checking the footage yourself?

Some companies enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their security is being handled by the professionals and any security breach will be handled by our SIA-approved responders who typically arrive on site within just a few minutes. Other companies prefer to have access to the security footage themselves, which is possible with our CCTV systems. The surveillance can be downloaded to a range of customer devices for easy viewing; this is also possible for identification purposes with our deployment tower systems. 

Book your FREE site security assessment

Now you’ve had the chance to narrow down some of the best security options for your business, it’s time to explore these in more detail. Book a FREE site security assessment with Sicuro and we’ll ask you to fill in a quick questionnaire before our visit. Our qualified assessor will make our expert recommendations based on your requirements and any potential vulnerabilities that we’ve identified in your setup. We will also take plenty of photos to highlight the best positions for our advanced security equipment. To get started, please contact Sicuro today on 0800 999 1888 or email