How do you decide which is the best type of security solution to protect your site? Whilst factors like 24/7 protection, rapid assembly and wireless technology might all be important to you, the chances are that you’ll also be focused on budget.

Manned guards have traditionally been used to secure construction sites, vacant properties, and other premises around the clock. But the problem is that they can be expensive in comparison to solutions such as rapid deployment towers.

How do manned guards secure a site?

Manned security guards offer a physical presence that can deter criminals who wish to target your site. You might book them to offer site security out-of-hours or at weekends when there’s no other personnel onsite. Your guards will usually need to work in shifts to offer security overnight.

Some companies opt to have patrol guards who visit on an ad-hoc basis to make spot-checks of your premises. This option is suitable for low-risk sites and is typically more affordable than having a physical guard permanently in place on your site. However, it does reveal obvious gaps in your site security plan.

How much do manned guards cost?

Security guards are expensive, particularly if you want them to be permanently on-site. The average cost of hiring a guard is somewhere between £10 to £20 per hour, depending on your location and the individual’s experience. An average wage of £15 per hour would mean that you’re paying out £2,520 per week if you require 24/7 protection. You may also need to factor in the cost of pension contributions, sick pay, holiday pay and other costs associated with hiring personnel.

How do rapid deployment CCTV towers work?

Rapid deployment towers are a flexible CCTV solution with a total extended height of 6 metres and 3-metre-tall housing that is an excellent deterrent to intruders. The Sicuro Solar Tower uses both fuel cell and solar panels which makes it an incredibly cost-effective solution. The system converts energy from the sun into usable electricity to power the security system. If there isn’t enough energy available, then it will default to using the fuel cell backup which can work up to 5 months without maintenance.

Cost-effective CCTV system

The precise cost of your rapid deployment CCTV system will vary depending on the size of site you need to cover, along with how much solar energy is available to power the Sicuro Solar Tower. However, you can be assured that this type of security solution will be significantly cheaper than the cost of hiring a manned guard. It’s also much better for the environment too.

Book your site security assessment

If you’re interested in gaining a true cost comparison between manned guards and rapid deployment systems, your first step will be to book a site security assessment with Sicuro and we will discuss your options in full.

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