Have you experienced scaffold theft in the past? Or perhaps you’ve heard about the increase in this type of crime and are taking extra precautions? Either way, scaffold alarms should be an essential part of your security setup on any type of construction project. Read this guide to find out more about the advantages of scaffold security and the installation process.

What Are The Benefits Of Scaffold Alarms?

If you’re trying to decide if scaffold alarms are the right option for your construction firm, consider some of the following benefits:

Constant surveillance

When you opt for scaffold alarms, your security system will ensure your structure is protected 24/7 from the risk of thieves or vandals. You can maintain the safety of your construction environment and any personnel in the vicinity, when you know that any security breach will be picked up by the scaffold security system.

Standalone security

Scaffold alarms can be combined with multiple other security services offered by Sicuro, but they’re also available as a standalone service. The system is wireless and uses Lithium batteries, so you don’t need a mains connection onsite to keep your project and personnel protected.


With up to 24/7 monitoring of your site available, you can be assured that your scaffold alarms will be armed whenever you need them, for example at the evenings, weekends or any other time when your site isn’t otherwise being protected.

Rapid reaction to a breach

Sicuro supplies scaffold PIR cameras which are monitored from our secure remote monitoring station. If a breach occurs, your surveillance footage will be reviewed by our highly experienced security team and SIA-approved responders will be dispatched immediately to your site.

How Does The Installation Process Work?

As the scaffold alarms are wireless and battery operated, you can have them installed and secured on your construction site in less than 48 hours. The first step towards securing your site is to contact Sicuro for a FREE site security assessment. This involves one of our qualified assessors attending your site to provide an in-depth review of your current security challenges and put forward our recommendations to protect your premises.

We will provide you with a detailed report which will include photos, site layout and a quote with a breakdown of costs. The price for your scaffold alarm system will depend on the size and configuration of your site, as each of our clients have varying requirements.

Many of our clients require scaffold alarms on a temporary basis, to be dismantled and reassembled at a future site, which proves the versatility of the product.

Arrange Your Site Security Assessment

Are you ready to obtain a quote for our scaffold alarms? Simply get in touch with Sicuro on 0800 999 1888 or email info@sicuro.co.uk and we’ll book you in for your FREE site security assessment, including your no obligation quote.