Was your construction site hit by theft or vandalism over the festive period? Any project site or premises which is left unoccupied for an extensive duration can be a target for criminals who are interested in high-value plant, raw materials, equipment and fuel. Prior to Christmas, it was predicted that these sites might also be of interest to squatters and those interested in organising unlicensed music events such as raves during the pandemic. Whether you’ve already been hit by such activity or want to take a proactive approach to protecting your site in the coming months, a virtual guard system is the solution you’re looking for.

How Do Virtual Guard Systems Work?

Sicuro are the industry’s leading provider of wireless video verification alarms which work as an effective virtual guard system for your property. Cameras are set up around your site and the surveillance footage will monitored from our off-site security station. In the event that a security event takes place, the alarm will be triggered, prompting our highly trained security specialists to review your surveillance footage to determine if the incident is genuine or a false alarm. SIA-approved responders will attend your site in the event of an authentic breach to confront any intruders.

Visual Deterrent

Your virtual guard system can be supported by a variety of other solutions to offer maximum protection against theft and vandalism. We can erect a robust barrier and clear signage around the perimeter of your site or vacant property to warn any potential criminals that the area is under surveillance. Criminals are known to avoid having their activities caught on camera, so this is a strong deterrent to many would-be intruders.

24/7 Surveillance

Virtual guard systems are known to be superior to the alternative of using a human security guard to carry out manned patrols of your site. Any criminals who have been scouting a vacant property or site over a prolonged period of time may start to notice any patterns or limitations in the schedule of a physical guard. Alternatively, a virtual guard will be on duty 24/7 if required, and will never miss a shift due to poor weather or illness. As the surveillance cameras span up to a 1000 metre radius of your site, this guarantees that any security incidents will be captured and responded to in real time.

Rapid Deployment

The evolving nature of construction sites and vacant premises means that you’ll need to put security measures in place quickly to prevent any potential criminals from targeting your site at the beginning of your project. Virtual guard systems can be erected quickly, across multiple sites as required and can be disassembled and redeployed just as easily.

To start protecting your site against theft and vandalism, book a FREE site security assessment with Sicuro to discuss your virtual guard system installation. We’re available today on 0800 999 1888 or by email at info@sicuro.co.uk.