The pandemic has done nothing to halt scaffold crime throughout the UK. Two men were charged in March 2020 with the theft of scaffolding from a Derbyshire building site worth £2,235, whilst Cheshire Police reveal that churches across the UK are still being targeted by thieves for scaffolding along with their lead assets. Whilst this is a worrying trend that shows no sign of abating, scaffold alarms do offer advanced protection against this frustrating type of crime. Here’s how our wireless security systems can protect your scaffolding.

Protection For The Public

As well as being the target of criminals, scaffolding can also attract youths who intrude onto construction sites to use the equipment as a giant climbing frame. Unfortunately, unsecured scaffolding has the potential to cause irreversible damage including the risk of fatalities.

By utilising the latest scaffold alarm technology, you can be assured that if anyone comes into contact with the equipment, then this will immediately be detected to minimise the chance of an accident. A dual PIR detector is integrated within the camera attached to your scaffold. As soon as this is triggered, an alert will be sent to our 24/7 monitored surveillance where footage of the incident will be reviewed in real time.

No False Alarms

Wireless scaffold alarms are incredibly cost-effective and you can also save money from the cost of false alarm attendances. As our highly qualified security team will analyse the security feed, a response team will only be sent out to your site in the event of a genuine breach. Our trained SIA responders aim to arrive at your premises in just a few minutes to check the integrity of your scaffold and to deal with any intruders.

No Mains Power Required

Construction sites do not always have the luxury of access to mains power, which can leave your scaffolding vulnerable. However, when you invest in our wireless scaffold alarms, you can benefit from complete protection 24/7 and 365 days a year. Our wireless video verified alarms run off lithium batteries and operate independently from any network connection or power supply.

Flexible Temporary Security Solution

Scaffolding is temporary by nature, which is why you’ll need a security system which is versatile and can move with the progression of your building works. The beauty of our scaffold alarms is that they can be deployed at speed so that you have a fully operational detection system in place in as little as 48 hours. When your project moves on, we can simply relocate your cameras as required to ensure that your scaffolding is entirely protected wherever it is based.

There’s no need to cut corners with your security when you can invest in wireless video verified scaffold alarms. If you require protection for your own scaffolding system, then get in touch with our team of security experts. We’ll carry out a FREE evaluation of your site and provide you with a detailed proposal of our recommendations. Contact Sicuro on 0800 086 8201 to get started.