Construction Theft Soars During The Pandemic

How have you secured your construction materials and equipment during lockdown?

The lockdown has provided an opportunity for organised gangs to target closed construction sites. The Construction Equipment Association reported that plant and tool thefts have increased by a massive 50% during the pandemic, caused by the abrupt closure of sites and equipment not being secured properly. Construction managers weren’t given enough time to wind down their operations, leaving key vulnerabilities onsite. If the future of your construction projects is still uncertain, then make sure that robust security systems are in place to protect your assets and your personnel during these changing times.

Strong Perimeter

Superior construction site security begins with erecting an impenetrable barrier around your works. You will effectively prevent trespassers from entering your site if you install strong fencing around the outside of your project. This helps to create a clear line which members of the public should not cross, as much for their own safety as for the security of your site. You can also include signage alerting people to the dangers of crossing your perimeter and warning them that they’re being constantly monitored. Secure construction sites might also include the use of audio announcements to be played out if an intruder attempts to trespass.

Wireless Verification Alarms

Tracking activity on your construction site should be an essential part of your security strategy. Wireless verification alarms are attached at key points around your site and monitor for any type of breach that is taking place. If an incident occurs, then footage will be sent to our remote monitoring station which is manned 24/7 by our professional surveillance team. They will verify if the breach is authentic and will promptly dispatch SIA-approved responders to deal with the trespassers.

Virtual Guards

If you’d like the reassurance that your site is being monitored around the clock, but don’t want the cost of paying for a physical security guard, then a virtual guard system is the perfect solution for you. You can choose your site to be monitored on a schedule that suits you, for example overnight or at the weekends. If you want to add in ad-hoc physical site patrols too, this would be an excellent way to maximise the efficacy of your security strategy.

Scaffold Alarms

Scaffolding is a valuable asset for construction companies, and criminals are aware of how well it sells on the black market. To prevent your site from being stripped down by thieves who want to obtain this raw material, you can attach wireless scaffold alarms to protect your property as well as anyone who accesses your scaffold constructions. Scaffold alarm systems are temporary and can be quickly dismantled and reassembled as required.

Thermo Screens

A new threat to the progress of your construction projects is the possibility of your crew members needing to self-isolate because of the spread of Covid-19. Thermo screens can be installed at the entrance of your site to take the temperatures of all personnel before they start their work. Our thermo screens can detect the temperatures of more than 30+ people at once to determine if anyone is suffering from a fever.

The best way to secure your construction site usually relies on using a combination of strategies to safeguard your company assets and personnel. For an individual site survey, get in touch with Sicuro today and one of our specialist security engineers will provide you with a FREE site review.