It’s exciting times at Sicuro HQ and I wanted to drop you a line to tell you about it!

In March of 2021, we became part of the BauWatch Group of companies and we have been working with our new colleagues in the UK and across Europe since then.

If you haven’t heard of BauWatch, the company was founded in the Netherlands in 2008 and is now the European leader in the provision of rapidly deployed, digitally managed, temporary site security and compliance systems. They’ve strengthened their position by launching in the UK in 2021, and are now growing their business across Europe with new operations underway in France, Belgium and Poland. Early last year, BauWatch Group became part of Haniel, a global brand with £3 billion turnover and over 20,000 employees. Click on the links to find out more about BauWatch and Haniel.

With a focus on exceptional customer service, simple and effective products and market leading technology, BauWatch was an obvious partner for us when we looked to secure the legacy we started 10 years ago (when Mitch Nunn and I set out to build the company with two brooms and a transit)! We’ve been working closely with the international team, and the BauWatch UK MD (Alexis Potter), since April 2021 and we’re delighted that the time has now come to formalise that excellent working relationship with a move to working under the single ‘umbrella’ brand of BauWatch UK.

In reality, you won’t see any material change beyond the logo. It’s the same team that’s been here all along…although Mitch is leaving us at the end of March to pursue other interests, and I’ll be moving into a new role supporting Alexis and the sales team during the rebranding period. Other than that, we’re getting some bigger office space (still in Saffron Court) and we’ve got access to some innovative new security solutions to provide peace of mind in addition to our current range of semi-permanent and temporary security solutions. It’s just that now, we have twice as many team members looking after our customers, with national coverage across the UK, and growth support from the market leader in temporary security solutions!

Alexis and I are working hand in hand to ensure that the only impact you’ll see as a customer is a positive one, and we both look forward to talking to you soon about how we can help maintain and build on our relationship. If you have any immediate concerns, please call me on 07805 246810 or email me on neil@sicuro.co.uk. Alexis can be reached on a.potter@bauwatch.co.uk or 07708 470669. In the meantime, huge thanks for being part of the journey that Mitch and I started ten years ago, and for your ongoing support of Sicuro and the team as we make this exciting new step with the BauWatch Group!

Yours sincerely,

Neil Sweeney

Neil Sweeney