Rapid deployment towers extend the coverage of standard CCTV by providing an all-in-one security solution for your construction site. They’re convenient, cost-effective, and dramatically reduce the number of false alarm callouts that you might experience with other security strategies. But do rapid deployment towers provide 24/7 security? The answer is a firm yes, which is great news for anyone considering this advanced solution to protect a high-risk site or property.

Round the clock protection

Sicuro offers two rapid deployment tower systems for you to choose from – the Sicuro Duo System tower or the Sicuro Solar tower. Once in place, they will both provide 24/7 protection. The Duo system features innovative video content analytics software to detect any security events. Any unusual incident would generate an alarm, prompting our NSI Gold approved alarm receiving centre to review footage of the incident and dispatch responders to the site as required. This arrangement is on a 24/7 basis, 365 days of the year, so you’ll have full peace of mind that your premises are protected whether it’s a bank holiday weekend, the Christmas break or a Sunday evening.

35m movement detection range

The beauty of our rapid deployment towers is that the CCTV is just as effective during daylight hours as it is at night. With a 35m range for movement detection, 360-degree panoramic views and ultra HD resolution, you can rest assured that every inch of your site is covered no matter what hour it is.

Quick installation

A key benefit of our rapid deployment CCTV systems is that they’re exceptionally quick to setup. We will always complete a site security assessment before installation so we can advise on the best plan for your specific needs; however, once you have agreed with our proposal, we offer a fast setup of our rapid deployment systems so that they’re fully operational within an hour. The towers are easy to manoeuvre so if your security needs change after installation, then your strategy can be quickly adapted to ensure you still benefit from full protection.

No mains power needed

So, what happens if your local area experiences a blackout? Will your site still be protected? Yes, because the Solar tower is entirely wireless and runs on a combination of solar energy, or its own fuel cell if there isn’t enough stored energy. As it doesn’t rely on a mains power source, you can expect your site to be fully protected throughout every day and night for up to 5 months without maintenance. Immediate video monitoring takes place via 4G so you won’t need a local network in place for effective 24/7 surveillance of your site.

Arrange your site security assessment

Are you interested in learning more about our rapid deployment tower solutions? The first step is to contact Sicuro on 0800 999 1888 or email info@sicuro.co.uk to book your FREE site security assessment. We’ll attend your site, pinpoint any vulnerabilities in your setup and provide our expert recommendations. Get in touch today to arrange an appointment at a suitable time.