The clocks being set back at the end of October signals the start of the winter season. For the construction industry, this doesn’t just spark safety concerns, but also significant security challenges due to the colder weather and dark nights thrust upon us. If you haven’t yet prepared for the change in seasons, then be aware that the risk of plant theft increases significantly during this period. But why is winter so problematic for construction site security?

Security personnel

If you employ a security guard to patrol your site outside of working hours, then you may run into problems with availability during the colder season. This isn’t necessarily due to your security personnel being unreliable, but rather that bad weather conditions can create challenges with travel, meaning that your security guard might be late for their shift or miss it entirely.

Similarly, the winter season can also prompt an increase in illnesses such as colds, flu and of course the ever-present Covid-19 virus. If your security personnel call in sick, will you have an alternative security guard available to patrol your site?

Dark conditions increase site vulnerability

Criminals are known to prefer the cover of darkness, which makes it much harder to spot them scoping out a site or carrying out an actual attack. If your site is poorly lit, then this could make it a prime target for thieves. Even if your construction project is in a busy area with plenty of foot traffic, any dark or wet weather means that there will be fewer pedestrians in the vicinity.

Christmas closures

Of course, the start of the colder season also means that Christmas is around the corner. Whilst there’s every reason for your construction company to celebrate with some well-deserved time off, any inoccupancy of your site does put you at risk of vandalism or a break-in. The fact that construction industry crime surged by 50% in the first lockdown of 2020 clearly demonstrates that sites are targeted as soon as work halts. In fact, January is the worst month for reporting tool theft, with post-Christmas crime increasing 55% between 2013 and 2018, according to Allianz Engineering, Construction and Power. Remember to fully secure your site and lock up your tools, excavators, and raw materials before you clock off at the end of December.

Wireless security all-year round

The solution to winter security concerns is to opt for a wireless security alarm, that monitors your construction site from a remote surveillance station. This is a flexible type of intrusion detection that can be set up, dismantled or reconfigured quickly to adapt to the changing nature of your construction project. Your site can be monitored 24/7 and 365 days of the year, whatever the weather. If a security event does occur, then one of our trained responders will attend your site to deal with the breach.
We also offer a variety of other security solutions including scaffold alarms, CCTV surveillance and rapid deployment towers which will be tailored to your specific needs.

Now is the right time to start preparing for the winter season. To safeguard your construction site, simply book a site security assessment with Sicuro by calling 0800 999 1888 or by emailing today.