The NASC reported 81 injuries on construction sites during 2020, including falls from scaffolding of over 4 metres, as well as slips and trips recorded whilst dismantling the scaffolding. These figures may seem relatively low, but sadly over 25% of these injuries required hospital treatment with the remainder causing absences of more than 7 days.

If you use scaffolding as part of your construction works, then it can be a target of thieves who want to strip down the materials to sell on for a profit. They may use the scaffolding as a means of access to adjoining buildings. Unfortunately, scaffolding can also attract youths who want to climb up it for fun, but sadly this is incredibly dangerous and can cause serious injury or even fatalities.

The best way to secure your scaffolding, your buildings, your assets whilst protecting anyone in the vicinity is to use scaffold alarms which are fixed to your construction. But can they be used on any type of building?

Range of property types

Scaffold alarms can be connected to a wide range of construction sites or buildings that you may wish to secure. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Buildings being developed
  • Unstable properties
  • Residential or commercial renovations
  • Construction sites
  • Vacant properties

Versatility of scaffold alarms

As construction works are constantly evolving, scaffold alarms are a versatile solution that can adapt with the changing shape and location of your works. Whether you need to reconfigure your scaffold to a different wall of the property, or else disassemble it completely to move to a different site, your alarm can quickly be reinstalled as many times as is necessary.

Wireless option

So, what if your property does not have mains power or an internet connection? This is not a problem as our scaffold alarms are wireless and run on lithium batteries, meaning that we can quickly set up your system to be operational in as little as 48 hours.

Gold star surveillance

Wherever your property is located, your site will be monitored by our NSI Gold manned surveillance station. If an incident or intruder triggers the dual PIR detectors within the scaffold alarm, then footage of the event will be reviewed immediately, in real time, by our remote surveillance team. If this is deemed to be an authentic security event, then we will dispatch our trained SIA approved professionals to your site to deal with intruders, backed up by the local authorities.

Arranging your scaffold alarm installation

If you would like to secure your scaffold alarm to any type of property or construction works, then help is at hand. Simply contact Sicuro to book a FREE site security assessment, where we will explore the scope of security needed for your project. From here we will raise a no obligation quote for your approval, followed by a quick installation carried out by one of our fully qualified engineers. Your site will be monitored 24/7 and all activations responded to in just a few minutes.

Contact Sicuro today on 0800 999 1888 to get started.