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Bring Modern Day Security to Life with Thermo Screening

Security is all about assessing risks and taking measures to protect your premises, your assets and its occupants. Since the start of the pandemic, these security risks have changed so that the threats are not always external, but could come from the spread of Covid-19 throughout your site. As well as impacting the health and safety of your team, and any visitors to your site, this can also delay your project and ultimately cost your business money.

In response to the complications of trying to social distance at work and keep everyone safe, modern-day security has been brought to life with the introduction of thermo screening technology.

Introducing thermo screening

As an invisible virus with a large percentage of asymptomatic cases, it can be challenging to detect if someone might have Covid-19. However, we do know that having an elevated temperature is one of the three most recognised symptoms of the virus. Of course, not everyone realises when they have a fever, which is where a thermo screen can be a useful tool for your business.
By setting up a thermo screen at the entrance point to your site, you can capture the temperature of everyone as they arrive to work or to visit your premises. These devices take an accurate snapshot of a person’s core body temperature which will be displayed on the accompanying monitors.

Isolating a person with an elevated temperature

If the thermo screen identifies someone with an elevated temperature, then they should be treated as a risk and can be quickly and discreetly placed into isolation before returning home to arrange a PCR test.
As Covid-19 is airborne and can be spread on contact surfaces, it’s important to set these screens up at the entrance to your site to prevent anyone from gaining access before being checked.

There’s no need to worry about bottlenecks though, as thermo screening can accurately detect the temperatures of up to 30+ people all in one hit. This is an effective way to keep pedestrian traffic moving forwards and into your site without accelerating the spread of a virus amongst a queue of people.

Placement of your screens

The layout of your thermo screens will depend entirely on the size of your premises and the expected volume of people who will be arriving at any one time. If you are concerned about slowing down entrance to your site, then it would make sense to place several thermo screens at your access points. We can also offer handheld temperature scanners to be used at your convenience.

Peace of mind

Thermo screens are incredibly reassuring both to your employees and your customers. They send out a message that your business is doing everything it possibly can to prevent the spread of Covid-19 which is still a concern as we enter another winter.

If you would like to learn more about our thermo screening technology or wish to book a site security assessment, please contact Sicuro today on 0800 999 1888 or email info@sicuro.co.uk.