Protect vulnerable construction sites using modern anti theft measures

Building and construction sites are sometimes a magnet for thieves and others who simply wish to be disruptive such as vandals and arsonists; with more building taking place all over the country to satisfy the demand for housing in particular, opportunities for building site predators are increasing.

Fortunately, there’s much you can do to improve your site’s defences against unwanted visitors and good security makes much sense.

  1. Effective alarms

You could be forgiven for feeling an alarm system to protect what are often sprawling, outdoor building sites covering many acres would be pointless.

That certainly isn’t the case these days, and specialist companies have developed alarm systems specifically to provide advanced building site security.

These can be powered by long life batteries; ideal for sites where power isn’t supplied all night, and also guards against power outages and other interruptions. The alarm systems are also highly adaptable so they can be reconfigured and moved into new positions, or added to quickly and easily as the construction site alters as work progresses.

  1. Monitoring

You may still think an alarm ringing at a remote construction site might not help much, but 24 hour monitoring is also possible.

Real time images of the intrusion can be sent to a manned monitoring station and – once the intrusion has been verified as a bona fide security breach – a responder often backed by local services such as police will be mobilised.

Major thefts may even be foiled such as those attempting to steal heavy machinery such as a digger to use for other crimes including stealing ATM machines by ram raiding.

  1. Avoids disruption

With the pressure on construction companies to hit completion targets, damage or loss caused by intruders onsite can have an extremely disruptive effect on workloads.

The investment in state of the art alarm systems would be more than swallowed up by potential costs of lost construction time; certain tradesmen ready to do their jobs may have to be stood down at short notice with the inherent costs of their labour still to pay.

Financial penalties may be levied against the construction company or builder for missing completion targets, so major theft or damage can have a severe financial effect thus making an investment in good security well worthwhile.

  1. Prevention

If it’s clear to would be intruders that you’ve invested in a battery of up to the minute security measures such as specialist alarm systems including CCTV, comprehensive security lighting, and backed it up with perhaps regular patrols by security contractors, then they may well be dissuaded from even attempting a break in.

This is perhaps the best reason of all for investing in sound security measures. Many thieves and trouble makers such as vandals and arsonists are opportunistic and prey on easy to breach targets; a deserted construction site with no obvious security provision is thus far more appealing than one heavily protected.

If the worst should happen

If someone does try and break into a heavily protected construction site and manages to get away with a theft or causes wanton damage, at least the cameras may have caught something so they can be apprehended at a later date.

Also, insurance companies are likely to process a claim with less delay if it’s clear the maximum precautions in protecting against theft and damage were taken.