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A temporary wireless fire alarm system and warning system is a necessity for any construction site, which is why we specialise in the installation and maintenance of a range of systems, including commercial alarm systems and temporary fire protection systems to operate alongside our intruder alarms.

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Why choose

A temporary fire alarm and warning system is a necessity for any construction site, that’s why we specialise in the installation and maintenance of such systems to operate alongside our intruder alarms.

Our fire alarm system is robust, specifically designed for construction sites. The fire protection system has a fully wireless security alarm system capability, operating on batteries alone, meaning it’s very easy to install, maintain, and is extremely adaptable as your site evolves.

The guidance for fire warning systems on construction sites is set out in the HSE publication: Fire Safety on Construction Sites (HSG 168)- “The aim of any fire warning system is to ensure that people on site are alerted to make their escape before a fire becomes life-threatening. The essential requirements of the fire warning signal are that it is distinctive, clearly audible above any other noise and is recognised by all the people on site.”

Our construction site temporary fire alarm system has been designed to meet these requirements and furthermore the British Standards BS 5839-1 and BS EN54.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Our wireless fire alarms allow you to scale up your systems without the need for cables and additional works. They are ideal for large building sites and can be constructed quickly and modified when the site evolves. The flexible nature of the wireless system means it can be used time and time again on different sites and future projects.

The wireless security systems are available on flexible contract terms and we operate 24/7 to ensure the safety of your site.


Why do you need fire alarm systems?

Industry-specific compliance regulations require that you have advanced fire alarm systems in place to mitigate the risks associated with fire. This type of threat can occur at any time, in any place, and can be disastrous for any type of construction firm or vacant property owner. By implementing fire alarm systems, you will be satisfying HSE regulations including HSG 168.

However, you will also protect your business assets, your personnel and also the reputation of your company. Fire alarm systems are easy to implement and can evolve with the size of your construction works. Whether you need to scale your site up or down, you should always consider the implications in terms of fire safety.

Where can wireless fire alarm systems be installed?

Wireless fire alarms can be installed on your construction sites, vacant properties, warehouses or any other type of commercial premises you need to protect from the threat of fire. Cables are not required in the installation of our advanced fire detection technology, which makes them incredibly easy to configure.

Due to the changing nature of construction sites, our wireless fire alarm systems can be easily dismantled and reassembled at your next project, to offer protection of your staff, your assets and your business at all times. These can be implemented alongside other security features including our top-rated intrusion detection units.

How quickly can fire alarm systems be installed?

Once you’ve opted for our sophisticated fire alarm system technology, the next step is to book in for a FREE site security review with one of our experienced team members. Security strategies, including fire protection, should always be evaluated on a bespoke basis and we recognise that no two customers or sites are the same.

We will thoroughly assess your site or premises before providing you with a quotation. Following this, we can install your fire alarm systems within as little as 48 hours, offering peace of mind that you’re safe from the ongoing threat of fire. If you have any questions about our fire safety systems, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sicuro today.

We don’t
just stop there

Our construction site wireless alarm provides an effective means of securing your development site.

We specialise in temporary visually verified security systems and our extensive list of blue-chip and national house builder clients is a testament to us. We now secure over 100 active sites across the UK which proves our ability and service.

Our wireless alarm is the most flexible and effective means of security for your construction site. As your site evolves we can adapt the system to suit. No hard wiring or power source necessary. We also offer flexible contract terms to tie in with your project with no cancellation fees applicable.

We operate around the clock 24/7 to ensure the safety of your site. We are here to support you and to provide assistance where necessary.


We have built up a very good working relationship with Sicuro over the last 2 years. They have not only fulfilled our security requirements for one of our construction projects in Billericay but, have always been on hand for any questions or support throughout this time. We will definitely be working with them again and highly recommend their services.

I have found Sicuro’s service and security system that they provide to our sites to be very efficient, easy to operate and they are always helpful in assisting us in our requirements.