Construction site fire alarms will protect all personnel, assets and your building works from the risk of fire. Health and safety should be a top priority for all construction site owners in order to remain compliant with industry specific standards. When you choose Sicuro’s sophisticated construction site fire alarm systems you can be assured that you’re receiving the highest level of detection to ensure that your workers and project materials will be fully protected in an emergency scenario.

By installing a temporary fire alarm system, you’ll be providing your workers with the earliest possible warning of a fire threat. This will give them ample time to exit the construction site safely and call the emergency services in to handle the fire. This strategy will help to stop the fire spreading further throughout the construction site, but most importantly will radically reduce the risk of threat of injury or death from fire or smoke inhalation.

The Health Safety Executive publication, Fire Safety on Construction Sites (HSG 168) states that “The aim of any fire warning system is to ensure that people on site are alerted to make their escape before a fire becomes life-threatening. The essential requirements of the fire warning signal are that it is distinctive, clearly audible above any other noise and is recognised by all the people on site.”

Sicuro’s wireless temporary fire alarm system meets these regulations and adheres to British Standards BS 5839-1 and BS EN54.


Lift Shafts

Enclosed areas such as portacabins

How Do Construction Site Fire Alarms Work?

Our construction site fire alarm systems are entirely wireless and battery operated, meaning that they don’t require any connection to your mains power. They’re extremely flexible and can be assembled quickly at the beginning of a project, before being dismantled to carry to your next building site. This ease of installation allows your temporary fire alarm system to be used on multiple occasions and in different configurations.

You won’t need to use any additional cabling to change the layout of your construction site fire alarm systems. As a standalone battery-operated unit, your only consideration will be replacing the battery approximately every two years.

Fire Security In Conjunction With Intrusion Detection

As a market leading construction security provider, we know that fire prevention is not the only threat to your construction site.

We also provide advanced forms of intrusion technology such as our wireless intruder alarms which can be used alongside our construction site fire alarm systems for ease of use and maximum peace of mind.

Next Steps To Protect Your Site

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We’ll carry out an assessment of your construction site and work with you to design the perfect fire prevention strategy before installing our advanced temporary fire alarm system to keep your entire site fully protected.

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