CCTV is the number one deterrent named by thieves when they’re considering their next target, which makes construction site CCTV systems an absolute necessity to prevent an intrusion of your next building project. As the UK is one of the biggest users of CCTV in the world, your competitors are probably already utilising this type of surveillance technology, so it’s time to get onboard!

Sicuro is the leading provider of construction site security CCTV with years of experience in the industry. All of our security installations are entirely bespoke to your unique requirements which is the best way to safeguard the individual layout of your current construction site.

Responding to An Incident Caught on Your Construction Site CCTV Systems

If your construction site has inadequate surveillance, now is the time to speak to our professional security team. Contact Sicuro today and book in for your FREE no obligation site review.

There are three main stages in the process of using CCTV for your construction site. These are:

Stage 1


Sicuro will design and install a plan to strategically place CCTV cameras to cover your entire site.

Stage 2


In the event that an intrusion occurs, this will be detected by your cameras. Inbuilt false alarm detection as a feature means that you’ll save money on unnecessary callouts.

Stage 3


When a genuine incident is verified by our security team, trained SIA responders will be dispatched to your site, backed up by the authorities to deal with the intrusion.

How Does Construction Site CCTV work?

Closed circuit television, or construction site security CCTV in this case works by providing surveillance cameras to monitor your entire site with no dark spots for intruders to take advantage of. 

Where some parts of your site are difficult to reach, Sicuro makes use of mobile deployment towers for cameras to sit on top of.

Our CCTV systems require a power source, or else you can choose our wireless video verification alarms instead if mains power is unavailable. For the standalone CCTV service, you’ll have the added benefit of being able to view security footage remotely from a variety of different customer devices.

Quality Images from Your CCTV Construction Site Security Feed

Modern-day CCTV systems have moved on substantially from the blurry, pixelated black and white footage that is synonymous with surveillance from decades gone by. 

With our superior construction site security CCTV footage, you can expect to view colour images which are HD 4K quality. When viewing the surveillance footage, you’ll have the ability to zoom in incredibly close to reveal minute details such as facial features or car licence plates.

The convenience of our CCTV systems allows you to watch footage from a dedicated app, which you can download to a smartphone or tablet for example. The construction site CCTV systems will be in place 24/7 to provide maximum peace of mind that your site is constantly being monitored.


Are you ready to put some extra construction site security measures in place?

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