Construction site security is a challenge to be taken seriously by site managers who need to stay compliant with strict industry health and safety regulations.

Locking down the perimeter of your construction site requires investing in a combination of robust security technologies. Access control and security systems should be a top priority when putting together the perfect security strategy to best safeguard your construction site.

Understanding Access Control Security

It can be difficult for construction site managers to fully monitor and control the personnel who are present onsite at any given time. As well as protecting your construction site from the threat of trespassers or vandals, you also need to be aware of the threat that internal personnel represent. Access control security services allow you to track, monitor and grant access to specific individuals on a pre-determined schedule.

As well as providing a way to keep tabs on employee absence and tardiness, access control security has many other benefits including:

Access Control

Granting Levels Of Access

Use your access control security setup to grant privileges of access to different ranks of personnel. You might choose to authorise access for supervisors to allow them into restricted areas for example.

Access Control

Access Control Security Timetable

During a construction project, you may have different crews of people visiting on certain days, which can be challenging to monitor. With access control security services in place, you can authorise access for electricians to attend on a specific day and then revoke those entry privileges once their work has been completed. By keeping track of which crew members are allowed to be on site, there’s no scope for any personnel, or even opportunist criminals wandering onto your site when they shouldn’t be there.

Access Control


Access control and security systems are an essential means of identification if a security event such as theft or vandalism is to occur. As well as using surveillance security to view the incident, you can also check your access control security records to find out exactly who was onsite when the event occurred.

How Does Access Control Security Work?

Access control and security services use keycards, fobs or an entry code to allow your construction crew to proceed through strong protective barriers at the entrance of your site.

Access control security is incredibly versatile as it allows you to grant access to personnel with ease, but if your security requirements change then you can simply reissue new access tokens. As construction sites are constantly evolving, access control can be modified as often as is necessary to keep up with the changing needs of your project.

Setting Up Your Access Control Security Strategy

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