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Construction Site

Our construction site security wireless alarm system provides an effective means of securing your development site.

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Why choose

Site crime, including theft, vandalism and arson remains a major challenge for the construction and demolition industry. Building and construction sites are often natural targets for thieves as they often contain a lot of high plant value, materials and equipment.

Construction site CCTV security systems are vital in order to deter intruders, prevent theft, and detect vandalism or deliberate damage.

One of the primary benefits of the system is flexibility. Our construction site security systems can be installed, relocated, or removed in a matter of hours thus adapting to your site as it evolves.

With our vast experience and understanding of the construction industry, we will advise you on the appropriate measures required to mitigate potential security breaches and any subsequent loss or damage. By installing our construction site alarms system, strategically positioning our cameras throughout your site, we will ensure all vulnerable areas and valuables are protected.

Once the system is installed we provide continued support throughout to maintain the integrity of your development site.

Our wireless video verification alarms are remotely monitored 24/7 from our monitoring station.

In the event of a genuine security breach we will instruct one of our designated SIA approved responders to attend your site, in most cases supported by the local authority.

Our wireless construction site cctv alarm does not require any mains power or internet connection. The alarm is completely standalone operating solely on Lithium batteries with a 2yr life expectancy.

If you would like more information on our wireless alarm system, please contact the team to discuss further.

What is construction site security?

Sicuro offers several solutions which focus on securing your boundary, monitoring your site for any security breaches and responding to any unauthorised activity that takes place. By creating an impenetrable barrier around your works perimeter, you will effectively prevent trespassers from accessing your construction site. The latest intrusion detection solutions includes technology such as CCTV, scaffold alarms and virtual guard systems, whilst we can also offer site patrols and commercial drones. Depending on your requirements, any of these solutions can be installed on a standalone basis, or else you may wish to use a combination of construction site security options for a more robust protection strategy.

What are the benefits of having construction site security?

When you invest in construction site security, you have full peace of mind that your works can be monitored 24/7. You don’t need to pay for a physical security guard to be permanently onsite to achieve this. Instead, you can save money by opting for one of our virtual construction site security solutions. Wireless verification alarms use modern intrusion detection technology to alert you to any intruders in the vicinity. This is essential in protecting assets such as your equipment and raw materials as well as your personnel. Construction site security will also ensure that there is no need to postpone a project due to a site break-in.

Can the level of security be adapted over time?

As a leading provider of construction site security, Sicuro understands that versatility is an essential requirement. Building works are temporary by nature, which means that your security needs are bound to evolve as your projects progress. You’ll also want to invest in security solutions that can be installed rapidly and which can be dismantled and reassembled on your next site as needed.

The best way to determine the type and level of security you need is to book in for a FREE site assessment with one of our security engineers. We’ll be able to detect any potential vulnerabilities and suggest a range of solutions for you. Deployment of your requested security systems can be arranged within just a few hours. Contact Sicuro today for further info.

Completely Wireless & Battery Operated

Our wireless video verification alarm system is completely wireless and battery operated meaning it operates completely independent of an power source or network connection.

Fully adaptable

Our wireless video verification alarm system is completely wireless and battery operated meaning it operates completely independent of a power source or network connection.

Secured within 48 hrs

Our wireless video verification alarm system is completely wireless and battery operated meaning it operates completely independent of an power source or network connection.

24/7 manned monitoring station

On activation of one of the PIR cameras, a video of the intrusion is sent to our 24/7 manned monitoring station.

The intrusion is verified within seconds

The intrusion is verified within seconds.

Fully approved responder is contacted and attends site

If the intrusion is a genuine security breach, our fully approved responder is contacted and attends site. In some cases supported by the local services.

We don’t
just stop there

Our construction site wireless alarm provides an effective means of securing your development site.

We specialise in temporary visually verified security systems and our extensive list of blue-chip and national house builder clients is a testament to us. We now secure over 100 active sites across the UK which proves our ability and service.

Our wireless alarm is the most flexible and effective means of security for your construction site. As your site evolves we can adapt the system to suit. No hard wiring or power source necessary. We also offer flexible contract terms to tie in with your project with no cancellation fees applicable.

We operate around the clock 24/7 to ensure the safety of your site. We are here to support you and to provide assistance where necessary.


We have built up a very good working relationship with Sicuro over the last 2 years. They have not only fulfilled our security requirements for one of our construction projects in Billericay but, have always been on hand for any questions or support throughout this time. We will definitely be working with them again and highly recommend their services.

I have found Sicuro’s service and security system that they provide to our sites to be very efficient, easy to operate and they are always helpful in assisting us in our requirements.