Sicuro is the leading provider of civil engineering security solutions with years of experience in the industry. We can advise on the best practices to provide you with the highest level of security to lock down the perimeter of your site.

Civil engineering security solutions are a necessity to protect the raw materials, equipment and personnel present on your building or construction site.

Companies operating within the civil engineering sector are often the target of thieves or criminals who are attracted to the high value of assets found on a building project.

Sicuro’s process for Construction Site Security

Step 1


Sicuro will assess your site to determine what security is required

Step 2


A bespoke quotation is raised

Step 3


Installation carried out by a fully qualified Engineer

Step 4


Monitored 24/7

Step 5


All activations responded to by SIA approved officer

Step 6


Once your project is complete, equipment is decommissioned and removed from the site

Sicuro will create a civil engineering security strategy that considers all of these variables whilst achieving your primary aims, which are to safeguard your:





The Best Civil Engineering Security Approach

Sicuro will plan, implement and maintain your civil engineering security installation from start to finish. We will work alongside you to gain an understanding of your unique industry requirements, and how long you require your security setup for.

Often, civil engineering security is temporary by nature, so you’ll need a flexible solution that allows for easy assembly, dismantling and relocation to your next project site.

Our civil engineering security solutions are available as standalone options, but often we recommend using a combination of strategies to deliver the best protection when securing your construction site.

How to pick your security?

At Sicuro, we will advise you what security solution is right for you. However you can also make an informed decision by using our table below:

100% Wireless
Manoeuvrable by customer
Can be fitted anywhere
Mains power required (Hardwired)
Battery operated
Continuous 24/7 recording
Footage viewable on customers devices
Footage viewable on customers devices for identification purposes
Audio Challenge
Regular maintenance checks
Remote system management
Fully monitored
Responder despatched when intrusion detected
Investigation conducted and report sent to customer following responder visit

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