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Fulham Gas Works Secured by Sicuro’s Security Services

Sector: Construction

Customer: St Williams Homes

Site: Fulham Gas Works, Imperial Road, London

Sicuro was tasked with supplying the security for Fulham Gas Works on Imperial Road. This joint venture between property developers St Williams and the National Grid saw the redevelopment of Fulham Gas Works to create 1,843 new homes in buildings as high as 37 storeys. The new development also encompasses a new public park as well as several existing Grade II buildings.

Scope Of Works

With extensive experience in securing construction and property development sites, Sicuro were charged with supplying:

  • Wireless intruder alarm system
  • Integrated public security announcement system
  • Extensive CCTV surveillance

As a vast project, the security installation was divided into several phases appropriate to the timeline of ongoing works. These commenced from the initial handover over of the project before the demolition of existing vacant buildings occurred.

Wireless Verification Alarm

It was a requirement that the site be fully secured and monitored from the handover to the new property developers. Without any functioning services such as electricity or networking, this meant that we were reliant on a wireless RSI intruder alarm system for the first 8 weeks of the works. Our wireless verification alarms run without the need for a power source or internet connection making them perfect for this first stage of a construction project. The alarm system remained in place until an electricity supply was set up on the compound, which is also when perimeter fencing had been fully established.

4K HD CCTV Systems

In the second phase of the Fulham Gas Works project, once services were available, we were able to supply a fully integrated 4K HD CCTV system. Our team prepared and designed a full proposal for the site’s extensive surveillance setup, which included the following types of camera:

  • Colour
  • Fixed
  • Moveable
  • Passive Infra-Red (PIR)

As well as spanning the entire scope of site, we also ensured monitoring of all vehicular and personnel access points and provided mounted cameras using CCTV deployment towers.

24/7 Site Monitoring

Across both phases of this long-term project, Sicuro are ensuring comprehensive monitoring of the site 24/7, with recording to D1 standards and a minimum of 28 days’ worth of footage. Monitoring takes place at our NSI Gold certified monitoring station which is manned at all times. The client is aware that in the event of a verified security breach, we dispatch an SIA trained operative to Imperial Road within 15-45 minutes for a full site inspection. St Williams have been given mobile monitoring access, as well as having static monitors on site for review during the working day.

Sicuro are delighted to work on the Fulham Gas Works project. If you would like us to provide the security for your property redevelopment works, then contact us today for a FREE quote.